Psychological Manipulation


It sounds awful, isn’t it?

Haha, the irony is, it exists within every human being. It comes from human. Naturally, we use psychological manipulation trick subconsciously. However, it considered manipulation when one used it in total awareness, “take and not give”, throw the target in emotional distress, along with bad intentions. That’s why, the one who used it with good intentions, to help others, called as social influencer, not manipulators.

I am conscious of human manipulative nature. If I wanted to, I can use it freely to manipulate others. However, I choose to not used it in order to get what I want simply because my heart doesn’t allow. The exception is defense. That’s why, I hate manipulators, the most. I can’t forgive them, as long as they still use it. A lot, a lot more hatred form when the target is me.


Because it makes me want to send them in emotional hell, using even more dark manipulation. It unlocked the yandere part within me, the human demon. 


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