Copycat, or not …

It’s 5 am in the morning and I still awake ((thanks to coffee)). Something bothers me. I decided to not make a big fuss about it, but I still bothered haha

I wonder, when two posts has similar title, is it considered as plagiarism or not? 

Remember my rant about college life back then in 2015? Yesterday, someone posted in group chat a post which has similar title from what I post back then. At first, I quite surprised because it so similar, only different in sentence order. Even my friend who share it initially thought as mine. 

Intrigued, I check the content. Well, the content is different. Mine is more about my view ((and personal experiences)) about choosing early childhood as major, and her is about what early childhood education offering, as major. There’s some phrase which I kinda I-feel-so-uneasy too. It feels like my last idea in the post back then explained as separate article. But hey, what can I do? Mine is just personal blog, and hers in community blog. Someone ask me what I will do (about the title) and I just …… idk hahaha

No, I won’t confront her or anything. I admit it ticking me at some point, but hey ……… I don’t even know whether she aware or not about my post. Certainly, my post quite gaining feedback back then. I just wondering whether it considered as plagiarism or not. Well, this world already full of copies, isn’t it? 

If she does aware of my post and use it as her own (about the idea & title), I just want to say this. It’s okay this time since mine is more personal. I will let it go. I wrote it in order to encourage myself & my friends since it was the truth, back then. However, you can’t keep that attitude forever, dear. It’s going to ruin you in the end. Nowadays, who make it first have advantage. I’m not going to jugde her, I just saying a possibility. Once again, if she does aware. If she doesn’t know, then it purely coincidence. 

I don’t intend to make this significant tho. On the other side, it motivated me to be known more, to create more, to be more original than ever. 

The link below:


I purposely not activate the link since I said before, I won’t make it as significant case. Why? Because if it’s not the case, it might ruin her will to write. I appreciate her effort to write, so I won’t make it as big problem.

P.S: I made the featured image 2 days ago, but it surprisingly matches well with this post LMAO

Just in case she read this post, I want to say:

Please be careful next time 🙂

Good morning! 



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