Make Over!

Good morning, I guess hahaha 😂

I can’t sleep huweeee! I tried to sleep since midnight, but no hope. I blame my mind for thinking so much ideas tonight kkk!

Sooo, do you notice something? 

Yep! Finally, this blog has make over~ I think it is two years already, poor you my blog hahaha. Sorry for having this lazy girl as admin. I want it to follow Pantone color of the year ((even though I don’t use the actual color, too lazy to search the code /plak)). As long it has earthy vibe, I’m satisfied /plak plak/

The actual pictures I posted on another Instagram ((again!)). My 3rd IG is @artbychimi, specifically made for showcasing artwork. I want to make it totally art account, but let see on how long I can handle that~ 

Why do you need to do that, chim?

Well, I want to build personal branding. I read somewhere, you need to have it in order to be pro. So, I think, let’s give it a try~ I start on the 3rd acc because it’s the easiest to manage. Also, I can develop more style there than in 2nd acc, which limited to kpop fans.  There are several plans for 2nd acc, but it’s still vague. I realized that I can’t depend on Ruangkala to get where I want, so personal branding is more effective, perhaps. Also, when you’re in team, you still need personal branding too. It isn’t about who better than who, but you know, every member has different need too. As long as it doesn’t mess the team rhythm, it’s alright.

Here the pic:

So, let see how much impact it has. Wish me luck!



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