Rearranging My Thoughts

Hello, it’s already 2017, huh? Everytime, I promised myself to post often, but in reality I never do. I really ashamed of it, LOL. Today, I realized that I have been loudly thinking, but too lazy to open laptop and type. So I installed mobile app to type whatever I like here. Kekeke. 

It’s already February too, almost one year from my bachelor graduation. Time sure flies too fast. What do I do all this time?

You know, I decided to postpone (other people wish) to pursue master degree. Why? I feel empty. Sure, I got a pretty good IP and others start to expect me to quickly take master degree. To become a lecturer. However, what they didn’t know that I feel empty inside. Yup, just empty. Do I ever tell you why I took early childhood education? I think I have but don’t remember where.

I took early childhood education just because 2 reasons. First, I hate math. It’s hard for me to remember numbers, so math is always an arch enemy. Second, I used to be very awkward with children. They are interesting but I didn’t know how to deal with them. I am the only child in the family, oldest granddaughter without cousin around for years. I have one younger cousin around in primary school grade 6 (perhaps). So, I grown very distant from him, even till now. I think I reassured myself that I can take care kids just fine now. However, become a preschool teacher is never an option for me.

It’s mom who motivated me to take ECE in college. I already told a lot about it. However, from start I always tell mom that I didn’t want to be a preschool teacher. It just doesn’t seem fit with me. 

Back to the fresh graduate time, I don’t have any will to apply in kindergarten at all, except for one moment. My friend, Sayung, was a preschool teacher there. She offered me to apply at Shafa Preschool, which is tempting for me.The school is totally cool with a lot of young educators too. However, at that time, I still struggling with my freelance job. I think it happened around April or May. Why? I really understand that preschool teacher need a lot of time. It will make me less productive. Yeah, I’m the type who will feel useless if I have no artwork or project done. To decide that I won’t apply there need a lot of thinking, also sleepless night. My fault is I didn’t tell her sooner so she feels anxious. I’m sorry 😦

Around May, I decided to make comeback into drawing and painting world, but digital. I will tell you the reason why I stop painting in another post. I opened an Instagram account for Seventeen, Korean boygroup I like, as fanartist. The old name is @svtquartz, now @chimicikoo. 2 weeks later, I joined Indo KFanartist (which is pure luck). Around July, I give myself a treat, WACOM INTUOS! It’s like my pledge to be an illustrator, my true dream. 

Around October, I start to join at Motiontale Studio as webtoon artist. It is a start-up founded by Bemby & Isa. Currently, I working hard to keep up with webtoon deadline, with a wish to make it official kekeke. Ah, the webtoon is Ruangkala : Anom, under genre fantasy. You know, it’s totally mind wrecking to make fantasy! 

Yeah, I’m living my dream 🙂 even though I’m not paid yet (probably in the future). I stay because I learn a lot of things here. Working with many people which have similar  vision is really a bliss ♡

Yup, that’s a summary for what I do in past one year. Maybe people will once again judge me like before, but I try to not too care.

Hwaiting for the future! 


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