I like wedding ceremony, but I doubt marriage

Don’t jump into conclusion.

Wedding gowns, flower bouquets, make up, rings; basically I love everything about wedding ceremonies. I drew several sketches on wedding gown, from traditional to modern. The idea about wedding thing always make me excited. Believe it or not, I frequently stalking on wedding blogger or accounts from long time ago. My favorites are greenweddingshoes(dot)com and @weddingdream on Instagram. There is something whimsical about wedding ceremony that I like. Whimsical, from the facts that it might (or should be) once for lifetime, so people really work hard to make it memorable. It is whimsically beautiful because we know that it will not last long, since it is only ceremony. We cannot hold a wedding ceremony all the time, right? From more childish-point-of-view, it is the day we finally become king and queen for one day (or more if you are rich enough or you have too much money) and get blessing from everyone.

However, the real deal here is marriage. Even when I go gaga for wedding thing, I never, NEVER ever think about my own wedding (or marriage) … yet. Of course, I do not intend to stay single forever, but somehow it is still … blurry (?). Maybe because I still single right now *cough* and I do want to pursue my career first. Aside from that reason, I cannot say that I have good impression of marriage life. To be more precise, I do not have a good example on the roles of men in marriage. You can go miles tell me whole thing about it, but I simply will not listen. As long as I can remember, the roles of women and men in my life is kind of reversed. I do not like it, and it haunting me slowly. When you see something happen again-again-and-again, you will slowly believe it would happen to you too.

This happened. When I start talking about wedding thingy, people start thinking that I am so eager to get married. Ah, annoying. I like wedding ceremony, but I doubt marriage.


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