That Singapore Thingy

Today, I got text from my friend. She asking me about the rumor that I will go to Singapore. Honestly, I am shocked. I do not know how things turned like that. First, I never tell anyone that I am going to Singapore. I do have a recommendation to participate in certain program at Singapore, but I never apply. Second, only few peoples knew that matter and I believe them. It is not a big deal, but it made me realize that small truth can be a big misunderstanding if not explained properly.

This is the real situation:

On Monday, February 2nd, I suddenly got text from my lecturer. She informed me about the teaching practice program in Singapore (PPM). It was 10 PM, you know. She asked me several things and recommended me to participate. Of course I cannot say “No” so suddenly, even though my mother strictly not allowed me for understandable reasons. Then I recommended my friend, Saesti, who turns out already eager to participate. We agreed to meet at campus next day.

Both of us met the lecturer at Wednesday, February 3rd. To my surprise, Saesti seems doubting her choice to participate, despite being so eagerly before. I can understand, because -you know- the procedure system that sometimes got on nerves. Both of us actually rejected the recommendation, but our lecturer insisted us to apply, just because. She even made a phone call to several person, helping with the procedure. Since the beginning, I firmly said “No”, and it somehow made Saesti have to apply half-willingly. FYI, it was the last day to apply. Good thing that she already prepared, so we went to finish the remaining requirements. It partially my fault that the things turned out this way, so there is no way I would let her alone. We even made a scheme on how-to-get-eliminated-beautifully-and-as-smooth-as-possible, heh.

It turned out that our first scheme failed, to our surprise. She passed the documents checks and had to do the interview. Again, we made another scheme how-to-failed-the-interview. Do not get me wrong, it is not like I encourage her to fail nor because I am jealous. It is about her priorities. She found the mood to start her essay, and I think you know how difficult it is to start something. She clearly told me that, and if it is the best for her, I will support her. At least, we accomplished our promise to the lecturer. This time, our scheme worked. She was so happy; I can tell from the way she text me. And we live happily ever after … wait, this is not Disney movies.

So, can you imagine how shocked I am after the rumors? I denied the recommendation right from the start. I did talk to my friends (only three people, I think) and clearly told them about my rejection. I did not accuse them, they are nice people, surely. It is not the first time though. Back then, before I went to Thailand, similar thing happened. Fortunately, it is true so I do not have to explain anything. I tend to keep almost everything as secrets, and it does bother me when people knew before I tell them myself. Wonder why? Because people tend to misunderstand me, easily.


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