Psychological Manipulation

Manipulation. It sounds awful, isn’t it? Haha, the irony is, it exists within every human being. It comes from human. Naturally, we use psychological manipulation trick subconsciously. However, it considered manipulation when one used it in total awareness, “take and not give”, throw the target in emotional distress, along with bad intentions. That’s why, the […]


Yesterday, I asked some closest friends perhaps the weirdest question ever: What do you think if I deleted all the pictures in my personal IG? Generally, they do not mind. I know, it such a trivial things, but I learn that big problem usually comes from small misunderstanding. So, for better or worse, I asked […]

Hiding Oneself 

Six years ago, the moment I stepped into one certain place, I know right away that I need to create another persona in order to be fit in. That world consists of tradition, pragmatism and order. It so much different from the world I used to know. Before, I have several people who understand me […]

Copycat, or not …

It’s 5 am in the morning and I still awake ((thanks to coffee)). Something bothers me. I decided to not make a big fuss about it, but I still bothered haha I wonder, when two posts has similar title, is it considered as plagiarism or not?  Remember my rant about college life back then in 2015? Yesterday, […]

Make Over!

Good morning, I guess hahaha 😂 I can’t sleep huweeee! I tried to sleep since midnight, but no hope. I blame my mind for thinking so much ideas tonight kkk! Sooo, do you notice something?  Yep! Finally, this blog has make over~ I think it is two years already, poor you my blog hahaha. Sorry […]


Beberapa hari yang lalu, aku iseng searching tentang chakra. Sebelumnya aku pernah bahas tentang aura disini.  Nah, ternyata aura ada hubungannya sama chakra. Apasih chakra itu? Singkatnya, titik energi semacam pusaran, bagi yang bisa lihat bentuknya menyerupai bunga. Ada banyak chakra di tubuh manusia, yang paling berpengaruh ada 7. Sebenernya ada yang bilang 6 atau […]